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We at Frigerio Design Group have chosen to slow down, to be resilient and flexible.

This has been our way since 1991:

observe carefully, plan better, look farther ahead.

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Ferrero Technical Center

Ferrero Technical Center, Alba

Bringing together the natural and human components to create the new technical innovation center, an expression of corporate identity, excellence, innovation, passion and the people who have always represented the group and its industrial culture.


Zamasport Factory

Zamasport Factory, Novara

Bringing together in one building the dual creative and industrial personality of a company that can be described as the engineering of haute couture.



Residental complex Albòra, Genova

A project inspired by the dry stone wall and cultivated strip, characteristic elements of the Ligurian building environment and culture, to which is added a sophisticated hidden technology to give the complex high energy efficiency.

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