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Genova BeDesign Week 2023
On the occasion of the new edition of the Genova BeDesign Week 2023,
Enrico Frigerio was invited to give a conference, this Friday in the late afternoon, inside the splendid Palazzo Doge Ferretto, in the historic center of Genoa.
Can’t wait to see you!


may 23 2023, ore 17.30
Creative energy: responsible development and ecological footprint

Palazzo Doge Ferretto
Piazza Ferretto 1
Patrocinio e crediti formativi dell’Ordine Architetti P.P.C.di Genova
is the second edition of the interdisciplinary and multicultural review edited by Fortunato D’Amico and Chiara Ferella Falda: an exhibition, an installation, a concert and a series of conferences to be held as part of the new edition of the Genova BeDesign Week which illuminates the historic center of Genoa from 24 to 28 May 2023, promoted and organized by DiDe which, for its fourth edition, chooses Energy as the central theme.