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InARC Liguria /mention to Albòra

It took place on 21st September 2023 in Genoa, at the Sala delle Grida of Palazzo della Borsa, the cerimony of Premi In/Architettura 2023 | Liguria.

The prize established by the Istituto Nazionale di Architettura IN/Arch and l’Associazione Costruttori Edili ANCE, in collaboration with Archilovers is aimed at the three main subjects who contributed to the implementation of the interventions: clients, designers and contractors.

In the NEW CONSTRUCTION INTERVENTIONS category, the Mention is awarded to the ALBÒRA residential complex, Genoa by Frigerio Design Group with the following motivation:

Complesso ALBÒRA Genova, by Frigerio Design Group

Reason: The work was awarded for the reinterpretation of the cultivated strip and the “muri a secco” wall which become the inspiring elements of the project. The “muri a secco” wall is reinterpreted in ventilated facades in elegant stone slabs, while the cultivated strips and terraces become green roofs and gardens serving the apartments. Dialogue with the seventeenth-century architecture of the neighboring patrician villas and at the same time safeguarding the green space were the main objectives of the project, obtaining the maximum green surface area and reducing the environmental impact to a minimum. The footprint of the building is minimal, containing the volume below the profile of the existing land, and connecting it to it with the green element which, starting from the roof, is distributed on the different levels. The volumes degrade and reduce from upstream towards the sea to end in large terraces, where large openings and extensive horizontal sunshades dematerialize the building and optimize its solar exposure.

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