Conversion station, Suvereto (LI)

Perception dynamics

Realizing an electric conversion station means dealing with volumes, dimensions and apparatus dictated by precise functional requirements: values that must be taken as axioms with very little possibility of interaction.

In the definition of this project, an important factor is visual perception, where the orography of the terrain and aspects related to viewpoints in relation to the dimensions of the artifacts play a strategic role.

A formal research that did not limit itself to camouflaging volumes or imitating nature, but reinterprets the environment, creating a real relationship between the architectural quality of the project and the surrounding landscape.

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ClientTERNA S.p.A.
Superfici 110.000 m2; edifici tecnologici 20.000 m2; edifici di servizio 2.200 m2
Frigerio Design Group
Collaboratori E. Frigerio con C. Ginocchio, D. Bona

Slow Architecture

  • Integration into the landscape.
  • Colors of the context.
  • Modular prefabrication.
  • Reduced maintenance.

Prizes and Awards

  • Invitational competition 3rd Runner-up.

The proposed solutions employ simple materials that gain quality and character through form and detail.