Ecological grandstand racetrack e. D. Ferrari, Imola

Green technology

It was a matter of rearranging, at the Imola racetrack, the slope that rises on the upstream side of the straight coming out of the Tosa curve, a vantage point from where it is possible to see a long section of the circuit named after Enzo and Dino Ferrari.

Here the uncontrolled presence of spectators had caused instability and degradation of the slope. It was therefore necessary to consolidate the geological structure of the hill and then proceed with the construction of the grandstand.

The slope was tiered with a special wooden structure that had the effect of consolidating the surface layer and the merit of letting lawn and shrubs grow through.

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Year 1991-1992

Committente SAGIS S.p.A.
Superfici lotto 16.000 m2; posti 9.000
Ruolo Architetto Mandatario
Incarico Definitivo / Esecutivo
Gruppo di progettazione Frigerio Design Group – E. Frigerio con S. Degli Innocenti, F. Salvagno, L. Merani
Strutture: ing. R. Iascone
Geologo: ing. E. Volta Beccarelli Grimaldi

Slow Architecture

  • Integration into the landscape.
  • Exploitation of the natural slope.
  • Use of natural materials.
  • Modular components without waste.
  • Steps stabilize the ground.

The typological wooden pieces are all prefabricated, modular and cut in sizes to optimize market size.

Special attention was paid to construction details and materials in the development of the project, with the intention of simplifying construction