Extreme sports park, Alessandria.

XXL Xtreme Xperience Land

XXL is the first center in Italy dedicated to extreme sports and entertainment.
A multi-experience space, where everyone can find in the same place an offer adapted to their needs

All this in an exceptional site, a decommissioned thermoelectric power plant, whose memory and communicative power of the imposing industrial structures were to be preserved, which hybridizing, become the perfect scenario and container of the planned activities.

The only new element is the building-pathway that fluidly traverses the entire site, distributing visitors and providing support services for the various activities.

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LocationAlessandria, Italia

ClientENEL Futur – E
Sufaces Lot area 66,000 sqm; parking 11,000 sqm; green area 25,000 sqm; pathway building 5,000 sqm

Frigerio Design Group
Architectural design
Feasibility Study
Collaborators Enrico Frigerio con Carola Ginocchio (capo progetto), Fabio Valido, Paula Vier, Daniele Gesualdo, Marta Verdona

Group leader and project manager Recchi Engineering
Sostenibilità economica
Immagine Territorio
Social sustainability Arch. Stefano Ponzano
Environmental sustainability and energy issues Ing. Ermanno Maritano

Slow Architecture

  • Minimize demolition.
  • Increase green draining area.
  • Conversion of decommissioned plant.
  • Use of renewable sources.
  • Respect for community interests.


  • International Ideas Competition – 1st prize

All sports activities will be located in the power plant facilities, which it was decided to preserve for their scenic value.

Five thematic areas inspired by the natural elements, Water, Earth, Air, Energy and Nature where environments are recreated in which to live unique experiences.