Ferrero Social Building, Pozzuolo (MI)

Zero Emission Gateway

From the external network to the internal network, from the city to the plant, and within the plant itself: links and connections that need different protocols, particularly where food quality is produced. A true GATEWAY.

An intervention that aims to study a system to reorder the logistics of the plant, in the broadest sense of the term, but with zero emissions!

The project is inspired by the company DNA, people and planet; two founding values that are interpreted and declined for a production site with a reduced ecological footprint, for a contemporary corporate social responsibility. The two values that are also manifested in a mural proposed to be created on the raw material silo tower, to become a symbol and reference.

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SurfacesGreen park 4000 mq, Portineria 120 mq, Social Building 4000 mq
Frigerio Design Group
Collaborators E. Frigerio con C. Ginocchio, W. Larteri, S. Stevané, M. Verdona

Slow Architecture

  • nZEB Building
  • Prefabrication and modularity of components.
  • Sensorial comfort.
  • Natural light optimisation.
  • Green walls.

Buildings designed as “building-plant” organisms that maximize passive energy aspects, to minimize active energy inputs, with the use of energy from renewable sources.