Ferrero Technical Center, Alba (CN)


Bringing together the natural and human components to create the new technical innovation center, an expression of corporate identity, excellence, innovation, passion and the people who have always represented the group and its industrial culture.

The main ingredient is the territory: the Langa, with its history and its people. The landscape, nature, and colors define a series of coordinated geometries to create a building in empathy with the environment in which it fits. Portions of the landscape are ideally cut out to construct the building, the natural colors and geometries characteristic of the place draw and define the architecture through geometric abstractions.

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Committente gruppo FERRERO
Superfici lotto 14.500 m2, Edificio 12.700 m2, Parcheggio esterno 4.100 m2

Frigerio Design Group
Coordinamento generale
Progetto Architettonico – PFTE, PD, PE
Pratiche Amministrative
Interior Design
Direzione Artistica Vincolante

Collaboratori  Enrico Frigerio con Carola Ginocchio (capo progetto), Simone Rota, Stefano Stevanè, Daniele Bona, Marta Verdona, Fabio Valido, Antonio Alessi

Strutture Redesco Progetti
Impianti Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi
Prevenzione incendi e CSP
 Claudio Manfreddo
Giardini Volanti

Direzione Lavori e CSE  Recchi Engineering
General Contractor Co. Ge. Fa.

Fotografie Enrico Cano – Anna Positano, Gaia Cambiaggi | Studio Campo

concorso 2017
esecutivo 2018-2019
consegna 2022

Slow Architecture

  • Bioclimatic building
  • Prefabrication and modularity of components.
  • Maximization sup. drainage.
  • Indoor gardens.
  • Sensorial comfort.
  • Natural light optimisation.

Prizes and Awards

  • Invitation-only competition – 1st prize

The Workshop is designed with a regular, “clean” floor plan, without too many structures in sight, so that dust and dirt cannot settle.

The Office spaces, on the other hand, are a real “field,” brought to altitude, a ‘landscape’ traversed by a path along which “flying gardens” and “light wells” meet.