Headquarter Arcaplanet, Carasco (GE)

Refitting former manufacturing building

Colors and materials of nature for the recovery of a disused factory to be used as Arcaplanet’s headquarter.

A new headquarter for Italy’s leading pet-store chain, Arcaplanet, a company made up mostly of millennials and backed by its 20 years of experience in the pet-food&care sector.

The ‘primary objective of the strip out and full retrofit operation of the factory body, was to give back to the urban fabric a volume that had never dialogued with it. The disused industrial building became an open and transparent headquarter, with facades redesigned to allow maximum permeability and a scenic view of the interiors from the outside, thanks to the street level placed at a lower elevation.
The new façade, made with a ventilated façade system,provided a marked improvement in the building’s passive energy performance.

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Years 2017 – 2020

LocationCarasco, Genova
Client Arcaplanet, Agrifarma Spa
Surfaces Lot area 5000 m2 ; offices 8450 m2

Frigerio Design Group
General Coordination
Architectural design – Definitive / Executive
Construction management
E. Frigerio con M. Russotto, M. Sola, V. Villa, F. Valido

Structures and DL Studio PRD
Impianti e DL BMS
Impresa Cema

Photographer Enrico Cano

Slow Architecture

  • Conversion of disused industrial building.
  • Natural lighting.
  • Ventilated facade.
  • Microclimatic interior courtyard.

To bring natural light into such a deep body of the building, a large central courtyard was created, the nerve center and aggregative center of the intervention..

The new ventilated facade ensured a marked improvement in the building’s passive energy performance.

The colors and materials chosen for the finishes and interior design of the spaces are part of the natural range, in keeping with the company’s values that focus on animal welfare and balance with the environment.