Headquarter Ras Assicurazioni, Milano

The global office

The project draws the elements for its definition from the context in which it fits, in order to use natural resources to optimize energy efficiency and to improve the comfort of work spaces.

Apparently, it looks like an ordinary building, but as soon as you examine it in detail, you discover in every part, the hidden complexity aimed at making it sustainable in use, ecologically and economically Ventilated facades, modular energy-recovery systems, low-consumption lighting fixtures, all controlled and managed by a central intelligent system to employ energy where, when and in the quality needed.

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Client BIS S.r.l.
Surfaces lotto 4.500 m2; uffici 6.200 m2; parcheggi e locali tecnici 2.700 m2
Ruolo Architetto mandatario
Role Definitivo / Esecutivo
TeamFrigerio Design Group e arch. R. Ercoli – E. Frigerio e arch. R. Ercoli con F. Biassoni (capo progetto), M. Ragno, M.Rossi, C. Pin, M.Mazzoli, U.Villani, P. Dotti, E. Ranieri
Architetto associato: arch. R. Ercoli
Strutture: Redesco srl (ing. G. Giuliani)
Impianti: Ariatta Ingegneria dei sistemi srl
Direzione lavori : arch. R. Ercoli

Slow Architecture

  • Compact volume to reduce dispersing surfaces.
  • Ventilated facades.
  • Modular energy recovery systems.

Internally, the rooms are furnished with natural and ergonomic materials.

The top floor is built with a steel structure and an elliptical volume containing special meeting rooms.