Italian representative complex, Nairobi

The embassy landscape

Designed in the landscape with the landscape, a botanical “graft” to protect the environment in which the new compound fits.

The main ingredient is the land: the Karura Forest, with its history, orography and eco system. The new volumes follow the contours of the area and are embedded in the ground with green covers to integrate them into the environment and make the most of the climatic aspects. More compact volumes to reduce the footprint on the ground, maximize green surfaces, and simplify internal pathways and plant distributions. Safety is progressive, with a distribution system of various functions designed at increasing levels of active and passive safety.

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Location Nairobi Kenia
ClientAmbasciata d’ Italia
Lot area 10,300sqm buildings 2600sqm

Assignment Competition by invitation
E. Frigerio con M. Roberto, W. Larteri, F. d’ Andrea, A. Chiappini

Landscape Open Fabric

Slow Architecture

  • Integration into the landscape.
  • Integration in the landscape.
  • Cool materials.
  • Green roofs.

The buildings lie on the ground and follow its contours, with several floors offset from each other to reduce visual impact.