Lab 2020 Crédit-Agricole, Parma

Knowledge offices

Flexible and versatile spaces for LAB2020 knowledge offices, an expression of the company they represent. New workplaces designed for the activities and people they have to accommodate, with individual and collective spaces, ductile, diffuse and versatile offices for an increasingly creative, permeable and flexible use of space in the era of smart working.

The refitting intervention constitutes the the prologue of the ‘Green Heart’ project for the expansion of the bank’s Cavagnari Business Center and involved the existing offices on the second floor of the technical mezzanine located in Building B designed by architect Vico Magistretti, the ‘hinge’ of internal connection between the offices located in Buildings A and C.

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Years2015 – 2017

ClientCrédit Agricole – Cariparma
Surfaces office 4.000 mq.
Frigerio Design Group Concept / Definitive / Executive / Art Direction.
Collaborators Enrico Frigerio con Daniele Bona (capo progetto), Paula Vier, Carola Ginocchio, Fabio Valido
Facilities Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura Società Coperativa
Construction management Ing. Fabio Camorani
Construction manager Borrini Ingg. associati
General Contractor Gervasi S.p.A.
Operational furniture and glass walls Tecno
Meeting room furniture Bene
Upholstered furniture and sofas Segis
Lighting fixtures Vibia / Targetti / Artemide
Photographer Enrico Cano

Slow Architecture

  • Flexible spaces.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Recovery and optimization of non-optimized spaces.