IMunicipal facility, Giussano (MI)

Sustainable gymnasium

The gymnasium, which was to include courts for basketball and volleyball, was intended not only for young pupils but also for other users. Generally, these facilities have a simple, prefabricated shed typology, but ours was going to fit into a semi-urbanized fabric, between several housing units.

Thanks to the presence of a small slope in the terrain, it was decided, meanwhile, to greatly reduce (by a third) the visible volume by recessing the structure by about a meter and burying services and changing rooms under two small green hills.

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Years1997 – 2003

Client Comune di Giussano
Surfacesi lotto 5.000 m2; edificio 1.300 m2
Ruolo Architetto Mandatario
Role Definitivo / Esecutivo
TeamFrigerio Design Group – E. Frigerio con M. Ragno (capo progetto), F. Biassoni, S. Degli Innocenti, K. Scott
Strutture: ing. P. Talon
Thermal plant: ing. E. Balzaretti
Mechanical plant: Ing. M. Spataro
Electrical plant: Mantero

Slow Architecture

  • Optimization of light and natural ventilation.
  • Passive systems integrated by active systems.
  • Reduction of above-ground volume.
  • Structure contributes to acoustic optimization.

On the inside, we opted for glued laminated timber, which allows, not only for slimmer structures, but also for noise abatement.

The shape of the lamellas has the effect of fringing the acoustic wave and avoiding the rumble that generally characterizes these spaces.

Horizontal blades inserted between panels generate shadows and give the facades a geometry intended to change depending on the light