The New Energy Spaces, Fusina (VE)

Resilience Lab Grid

The new energy spaces are designed to regenerate the environment, enhance the company’s identity and image, and at the same time generate a greater sense of community.
Combining nature and people, industry and environment, innovation and technology, an expression of a new business culture.

Sharing values to generate value!

With the Resilience Lab Grid project, a paradigm shift in the collective imagination is proposed, turning the power plant into a positive example for ecosystem regeneration and protection. Inspired by the “fractal,” a natural geometric element, a place for sharing is created that is open to the public and the community, while at the same time, the architecture is integrated into the territory: the complex is designed to appear visually dynamic and light, in relation to the surrounding landscape.

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LocationFusina, Venezia
ClientENEL Produzione SpA
Lot area 450,000 m2
Frigerio Design Group
Architectural design


CollaboratotsE. Frigerio con M. Verdona, S. Rota, M. Roberto, W. Larteri, F. Valido, A. Chiappini

Socioeconomic environmental strategy
T. Georgiadis e L. Cremonini “Istituto per la BioEconomia IBE-CNR”
Facilities Tekser ingegneria

Slow Architecture

  • landscape integration.
  • geometry and context colors.
  • modular prefabrication.
  • reduced maintenance.
  • cool materials.

“Fragments” of fields and crops are abstractly reinterpreted into geometric elements that cover buildings and facilities.