New terna electrical station, Capri (NA)

Natural geometries

Limestone steps and Mediterranean vegetation: the natural matrix characterizes the place and defines its identity, laying the foundations for a hinge space between diffuse urban fabric and nature, made of geometries and colors taken from the place and reinterpreted in materials and details, to preserve the same richness and vibration of light.

The compositional research for the architectural design of the new Terna Electric Station in Capri sought to replace the “hard” image of the industrial complex with an identity capable of placing the complex in harmony with the environment in which it fits, minimizing its visual impact and enhancing its overall image.

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Years2011 – 2020

ClientTERNA Rete Italia S.p.A.
Surfaces lot area 3000 m2; buildings 1000 m2

Frigerio Design Group
Restricted procedure competition – 1st prize
Architectural Design – Concept, Definitive, Executive
Administrative practices
Artistic Direction.
Collaborators Enrico Frigerio con Carola Ginocchio, Fabio Valido, Federico Biassoni, Daniele Bona, Daniela Galletti, Emanuela Masala, Giulia Pasqualini Galliani, Anna Tsareva

Structures Mascolo ingegneria
General Contractor Edilnovi S.r.l.
Prefabricated structures Beton Costruzioni S.p.A.
Metal carpentry Cerrato Officine S.r.l.

Photographer Enrico Cano

Slow Architecture

  • Integration into the landscape.
  • Geometry and context colors.
  • Modular prefabrication.
  • Utilization of waste.
  • Reduced maintenance.

Trapezoidal-shaped architectural elements are the DNA of the intervention.

Both heavy and light prefabrication, with the specific aim of simplifying the site and reducing construction time.