Residental complex Albòra, Genova

Verde abitato

A project inspired by the dry stone wall and cultivated strip, characteristic elements of the Ligurian building environment and culture, to which is added a sophisticated hidden technology to give the complex high energy efficiency.

The dry-stone wall is reinterpreted with a ventilated facade made of stone slabs, while the cultivated strip becomes a roof garden.

The complex fits into the context with a volume that remains contained in the profile of the existing land and is connected to it thanks to the green element that, starting from the roof, is distributed on the different levels.

The volumes degrade and reduce from upstream to the sea opening into large terraces, where large openings dematerialize the building and take advantage of the exposure, favorable to receive the benefits of winter solar radiation.


Years 2021-2022

Committente Aquileia Capital Services S.r.l.
Superfici lotto 3.600 m2; edificio 2.800 m2
Frigerio Design Group Progetto definitivo / Progetto esecutivo / Direzione Artistica
Collaboratori E. Frigerio e C.A. Guidi di Bagno con D. Bona (capo progetto), S. Vogrig, F. Calcagno
Strutture Ing. Tettamanti
Impianti Acta Studio
Permessi e autorizzazioni edilizie arch. C. A. Guidi di Bagno

Slow Architecture

  • Reinterpretation of local building elements.
  • Green roof.
  • Ventilated facade.
  • Volumes contained in the land profile.
  • Exploitation of solar exposure.