residential complex, Saronno (VA)

Contemporary tradition

Tradition: the window, the shutter, the colored plaster, the porch, the typical elements of Lombard construction, are the ingredients. Contemporary: a functional, comfortable, energy-performing construction that belongs to the present, but with its own identity.

At the gates of Saronno’s historic center, a hinge with the buildings of the 1960s and 1970s, the new residential complex reevaluates the city’s central square through a contemporary reinterpretation of the architectural elements of the Lombard tradition.

These elements define a series of geometries that design the facades, and the typical colors of local houses give rhythm to the elevations, to create a building in empathy with the urban fabric in which it fits.

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Years 2017 – 2020

LocationSaronno (VA), Italia
Client ALDIR Srl
Surfaces Lot area 1770 m2 ; commercial 500 m2 ; residential 2090 m2 ; parking 1900 m2

Frigerio Design Group
General Coordination
Architectural Design – Concept, Definitive, Executive
Administrative practice
Construction Management
E. Frigerio con W. Larteri (project leader), D. Bona, M. Roberto, F. Valido

Structures – design and DL Studio Tecnico Ing. Silverio Tettamanti

Facilities – design and DL NT Engineering s.r.l

Construction manager Marco Uboldi

Geology and Geotechnics Studio Lategana

Acoustics – project Applied Acoustics

General Contractor SIGMA Construction

Slow Architecture

  • Local architectural reinterpretation.
  • Contrasting natural ventilation.
  • Radiant panel air conditioning.
  • Facades with coatings.
  • Acoustic optimization.

The main facade is split into small elevations like a jigsaw puzzle.

Lightened volume with a continuous porch on the ground floor and a major setback of facades on the penthouse floor.