Residential tower, Varese

Light gradient

A volume that dialogues with the context and articulates its elevations differently with respect to solar exposure.
Prefabricated components and photocatalytic materials for construction, which are self-cleaning and transform through a chemical process pollution into clean air, reducing maintenance over time.

A rectangular floor plan of the building was developed, arranged planimetrically with the longest side parallel to Bossi Street, so that the volume by perspective effect, is perceived more slender and streamlined.

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LocationVarese, Italia
Client ALDIR srl

Frigerio Design Group
Invited competition
Architectural Project – Concept
Collaborators E. Frigerio con D. Bona, W. Larteri, M. Roberto

Slow Architecture

  • Prefabricated components.
  • Photocatalytic and self-cleaning materials.
  • Articulated elevations with respect to solar exposure.
  • Sunlight optimization.
  • Radiant panel air conditioning.

Simple and functional, with the possibility of being set up with one, two or three apartments per floor, to better respond to the housing market.

North 20% transparency, east and west 50% and south 80%; a gradient of light.