Rosenthal Rainbowbuilding, Selb

Creative Tradition

In the historical headquarters of the famous German porcelain brand Rosenthal, new offices where one can breathe an atmosphere in line with the company’s values: ‘long tradition – young creation’.

In the old disused wards of the Rainbowbuilding, open and versatile environments suitable for the new needs of smartworking have been created.

Thus an ‘old body’ is combined with contemporary needs and technologies, offering people to choose the most effective spatial solution according to the needs of the moment to each person’s way of working.

A space to be and work well.


Years2014 – 2015

Surfaces office 2000 mq

Frigerio Design Group
Progetto architettonico – Concept / Definitivo / Esecutivo
Art Direction

Collaborators Enrico Frigerio con Carola Ginocchio (capo progetto), Paula Vier e Klaus Krause
Photographs Stephan Geige

Slow Architecture

  • Optimization of spaces
  • Flexibility
  • Green walls
  • Sound masking.