Twist, Actiu

Three pieces for one office

Functional, flexible, recyclable.
TWIST is the new modular office furniture system that FDG designed for the Spanish company Actiu A system that responds to the various needs of contemporary working, defining quality habitats with a smartworking perspective.

Twist has a lightweight design that, however, does not affect its surprisingly sturdy structure, and it can be composed at will as needed.
In fact, the different models offer different configurations that can be composed through a single easy and efficient installation connection system.

Technology has been integrated into the design so as to facilitate new ‘smart’ ways of working, such as video conferencing meetings.

Twist, moreover, is made from recyclable materials and designed to be recycled in turn.



Committente Actiu
Design Frigerio Design Group

Slow Architecture

  • Modular system for creating relationship or individual spaces.
  • Self-stable and sound-absorbing system.
  • Composable as needed.

Shelves can be connected to desks so as to define a visually fluid and unified landscape.