Widespread photovoltaic field, Genova

Green Ports

The project is developed along certain guidelines: to define a real energy transition of the port of Genoa through the construction of a diffuse photovoltaic field and the development of sustainable mobility in the port.

The intent was to exploit the roofs of existing buildings as much as possible without consuming additional land.

Another fundamental aspect is the context in which we were called upon to design, namely a city subject to a particular urban evolution that, in relation to the conformation of the territory, has given rise to the constitution of an urban continuum squeezed between sea and mountains that has developed along the entire coast to form a linear and elongated city with clearly delineated ramifications inward through its valleys: Polcevera, Bisagno and Sturla.

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Year2021 – in corso

ClientAutorità di sistema portuale del Mar Ligure

Assignment Team con Rina Progetto di fattibilità tecnico economica
Area Photovoltaic Panels 60,000 sqm.
Frigerio Design Group
Collaborators E. Frigerio con D. Bona, W. Larteri,

Slow Architecture

  • Renewable energy.
  • Energy transition.
  • Prefabricated components.
  • Reducing environmental impact.