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“Because architecture has to do with time“.

At Frigerio Design Group, we have chosen to slow down, to be resilient and flexible, as the Latin adjective ‘lentus’ suggests, in order to take a sharper and more conscious view of things.
Since 1991, this has been our way of doing things: observing carefully, planning better, looking far ahead.

“We perceive in every place the concrete echo of a unique and unrepeatable history“.

We know how to capture what good things the context spontaneously offers, its variety of stimulus and inspiration, its resources; a raw material, effortlessly available, that is the fuel with which we feed ideas and design solutions for the success of an equally unique and unrepeatable architecture.

“Progressive, leave-aware planning

We know how to seize we know how to seize what is genuinely good in the context, its variety of ideas and inspirations, its resources: culture, atmosphere, lighting, materials including offcuts, even shards, because – as the Japanese art of ‘kintsugi’ of repairing with gold teaches – every shard is broken in its own way, conveying a story to be treasured.