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The project does not stop at the end of construction, but looks beyond it. And it brings man with his history and future back to the centre.

Enrico Frigerio

Enrico Frigerio was born in Turin, Italy,

graduated in Genoa and joined Renzo Piano’s Workshop at whose side he learned the craft.
In 1991 he founded the Frigerio Design Group, which makes quality and relationship with the environment its goal.

Among his most significant projects: the ecological grandstand at the Autodromo FERRARI in Imola (1992) the SAMBONET headquarters in Orfengo (2004), the Ferdeghini Sports Center for SPEZIA CALCIO (2013),the new Electricity Station for TERNA in Capri (2018), the HQ CRÈDIT AGRICOLEGreen Life (2018) in Parma, the offices and production of ZAMASPORT in Novara (2020) the residential complex in Saronno (2020), the FERRERO TECHNICAL CENTER in Alba (2022) and the refitting of the offices

ROSENTHAL in Selb, Germany (2022). Currently in the pipeline are the energy transition of the ENEL power plant in Fusina and the eco-sustainable residential complex ALBÒRA in Genoa.

In 2012 two projects are exhibited in the Italian Pavilion at the 13th Venice Biennale and later in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In 2015 he won the competition for the project for the SmartWorking of the new TIM offices and the project for the reconversion of the ENEL power plant into the XXL Park for Extreme Sports in Alessandria.
From 2020 to 2022 he is appointed Ambassador of Italian Design in the world.

In June 2021 he wins the competition “The New Spaces for Energy” for the ecological transition of the ENEL power plant in Fusina.

The same year the monograph “Masters of Architecture” published by Hachette dedicated to the works of the Frigerio Design Group.



The work on which Enrico Frigerio has set up the Frigerio Design Group explicitly affirms these values, those of an architect who is as sensitive to the culture of the place as a good gardener, but also those of a professional who practices ‘slow-architecture’, a philosophy that requires slowing down to achieve maximum awareness of building.

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